Shooting and Selling Stock- Printed Version
Shooting and Selling Stock- Printed Version
Shooting and Selling Stock- Printed Version

Shooting and Selling Stock- Printed Version

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Stock photography is a whole different ballgame for most portrait photographers. With this e-book learn how to apply, take and edit images, keyword and ultimately successfully sell stock photography.

A 50 + page printed on shooting and selling stock photography, a crystal USB with shooting videos and a conceptual keyword list to use when keywording images will be shipped to your address. This will help you on your journey to creating successful images.

In the book you will find:

  • Different agencies and their application process, benefits and drawbacks
  • Styles of stock photography
  • Best and worst selling imagery
  • Rules to follow when shooting
  • Keywording images
  • Conceptual keyword list
  • Culling and editing for stock
  • Model releases
  • and much, much more!

This is a 50 + page printed e-book full of imagery and examples, a crystal usb with over an hour and a half video series that follows me while I cover my application gallery, declined images, shooting and editing a stock session and a conceptual keyword list that  . It is perfect for the portrait photographer what is interested in expanding their income in a more passive way.

This guide is meant to help you get started selling stock photography, get comfortable, and move more efficiently through the stock photography process.

I started with stock photography on a whim 4 years ago and slowly grew my portfolio at Stocksy United until it was almost 1500 images and a decent income for my portrait business that allows me to travel and take time to be with my family. I have experimented and have learned what works until I was happy with my portfolio. Stock photography allows me to be creative and shoot portraits in a new way- and make income from it. If you have ever wondered how to get started and shoot stock on the side- this is  the book for you!

Do you want the downloadable e-book version of this guide? Click here for the digital version.

This is meant to be your go to guide for getting up and running with stock photography.